tomcat broken for FreeBSD 4?

Angelo Turetta aturetta at
Wed Jun 14 11:17:10 UTC 2006

Benjamin Thelen wrote:
> Hi,
> jakarta-tomcat-5.0.30_3 does not start anymore under FreeBSD 
> 4.11-RELEASE-p13:
> /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat5.0/logs/stderr.log sais:
> daemon: illegal option -- p
> usage: daemon [-cf] command arguments ...

Yes, it's broken.
You can simply resolve this by updating your /usr/sbin/daemon with one 
compiled from the sources for 5.x

In your 4.x source tree:

   cd /usr/src/usr.sbin/daemon
   cvs -qR update -rRELENG_5 -dP
   make all
   make install

   /usr/sbin/daemon -?
     usage: daemon [-cf] [-p pidfile] command arguments ...

If you update via cvsup, the 'cvs ...' step is not appliable. You could 
just download the three files present in that directory from a 5.x tree.
Of course, after every 'make update' or equivalent, you have to verify 
that the daemon source files be restored to the 5.x version.

One question for the 4.x mainteiners: would it be possible to MF5.x the 
new daemon version?

Angelo Turetta
Modena - Italy

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