Google Earth for Linux works on FreeBSD

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Wed Jun 14 09:44:57 UTC 2006

Quoting Ganbold <ganbold at> (from Wed, 14 Jun 2006  
18:08:56 +0900):

> Alexander Leidinger wrote:
>> Quoting Ganbold <ganbold at> (from Wed, 14 Jun 2006   
>> 14:12:56 +0900):
>>> Works here with some glitch.
>>> I got one time crash and probably it is not related to FreeBSD. Did
>>> portupgrade few days ago.
>>> -----------------------------------------------------
>>> gdaemon# googleearth
>>> Google Earth has caught signal 11.
>>> Stacktrace from glibc:
>>> ./googleearth-bin(__gxx_personality_v0+0x212) [0x804ab32]
>>> ./googleearth-bin [0x804b133]
>>> /lib/ [0x29d289ad]
>>> [0xbfbfffbf]
>>> /lib/ [0x29d22aea]
>>> /lib/ [0x29cc8017]
>> Please tell us the linux_base port and linux-X11 port you use with   
>> every bug report.
> Sorry about that. When I installed google-earth from ports there were
> installed following as  a dependency packages:
> linux-XFree86-libs- XFree86 libraries, Linux binary
> linux_base-8-8.0_15 Base set of packages needed in Linux mode (for   
> i386/amd64)
> linux_dri-4.4.0     Binary Linux DRI libraries for 3D hardware   
> acceleration of
>> This may be a problem with the linux base port you are using.
>> If you use any linux_base port different from the default one or   
>> from fc4, please deinstall it it and install a "good one".
> Which one is "good one" then? I thought it could pick up the good one

The default one and the fcX ones are "good" (as in "officially  
supported by FreeBSD"). But the default one is outdated (the fc4 one  
is on the ports build cluster for testing it as an replacement ATM).  
Maybe you want to give the fc4 one a try (since it is withhin the  
range of supported distributions listed in the google earth  
requirements). To do this you have to add
to /etc/make.conf and replace "linux-XFree86-libs" with  
"linux-xorg-libs" in ports/Mk/bsd.port/mk. After this you can update  
   portupgrade -f -o emulators/linux_base-fc4 linux_base
   portupgrade -f -o x11/linux-xorg-libs linux-XFree86-libs

> during the installation as a dependency. Maybe I'm wrong here or
> google-earth port should be updated to use good linux_base port.

We should see fc4 as the new default one "soon".

>> If you use fc4, you also have to use the linux-xorg libs instead of  
>>  the XFree86 ones (you most likely will not have hardware   
>> acceleration then, we haven't updated the linux_dri port yet).
> Google-earth complained using OpenGL with software emulation.  FYI, I
> have i945G board with integrated graphic card.

Updating the linux_dri port after switching the default linux base  
port is on the TODO list. But you need working hardware acceleration  
with a native program first.


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