GCC with GNAT Ada compiler

Karel Miklav karel.miklav at siol.net
Tue Jun 13 16:25:31 UTC 2006


I've put together a gnat34 port and updated gcc41
so that it can build the GNAT Ada compiler too. I'm
new to this and I'd like to have some feedback.

The gnat34 port is made of GCC 3.4.6, where I used
some features of the existing GNAT port (binary
distribution of GNAT 3.15p...). The port is pretty
clean, but I made it for bootstrapping purposes
and the resulting compiler is not tested beyond
compilation of some simple utilities. It installs
binaries in ${PREFIX}/bin/gcc34, user is required
to modify his PATH and s/he's ready to go.

The gcc41 port with GNAT is in preliminary stage.
Everything but C and Ada is blocked and I didn't
touch the PLIST so it doesn't uninstall. My

  1. why gcc41 installs binaries in ${PREFIX}/
     bin/? Isn't this a problem if multiple
     compilers are installed?

  2. with default configure parameters Ada library
     gets installed into ${PREFIX}/lib/gcc/
     i386-portbld-freebsd6.1/4.1.2/. Would it be
     OK for other compilers to configure with
     --bindir=${PREFIX}/bin/gcc41? Maybe this is
     a GNAT bug and should be fixed?

  3. Is it OK to build in switches for excluding
     Objective C and C++?

Ports are at:

  - http://lovetemple.net/gnat-gcc.tbz


Karel Miklav

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