NOT installing the .la files

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Tue Jun 13 15:07:45 UTC 2006

Quoting Michael Nottebrock <lofi at> (from Tue, 13 Jun 2006  
16:35:24 +0200):

> On Monday, 12. June 2006 11:22, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
>> Quoting Mikhail Teterin <mi+kde at> (from Sun, 11 Jun

>> > There are 321 .la files on my system, for example. Do I need this junk?
>> If you use KDE: yes (maybe not all, but some of them).
> See for details (especially my
> comment, and the very last comment - we already implement the first half of
> my recipe in the current KDE port, btw).
> Also, please don't further spread this meme that this some lame KDE   
> thing: The

Sorry if I let someone assume it's some lame KDE thing. This was not intended.

> real trouble and reason for this change was that the upstream libtool is
> *not* designed to completely work without libtool archives and that our

I do understand this and for this reason I included a comment about  
libltdl (which is a libtool thing, not a KDE thing).

> present libtool maintainer (rightfully) refuses to maintain a quick hack that

As already visible in the mail you reply to: I agree that it is a good  
idea to keep libtool as close as possible to the upstream version.


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