FreeBSD Port: phpldapadmin-1.0.1,1

Richard D.M. Alfred webmaster at
Tue Jun 13 13:22:58 UTC 2006

Having some problems with this version when I try to add an object class 
of CourierMailAlias

It propmts me to have 2 required attributes:

as opposed to being mail and maildrop

I get the same error when I attempt to add object class CourierMailAccount
it prompts me for:

homeDirectory and phpgwMailHome

as opposed to be homeDirectory and mail.

*There seems to be a problem with an iterator or something.  It seems to 
be 1 to many in the count.  NB this is the exact order that I get 
prompted for these values.

On the same LDAP directory I attempt to add these objects on ver .98 and 
it works just fine.

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