xlockmore - serious security issue

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Tue Jun 13 11:50:07 UTC 2006

Andrew Pantyukhin wrote:

> At first I was sure that xlockmore could not just fail like that,
> that it was me who forgot to launch it before leaving. But for
> the last few times (over a month, considering that I can only
> experiment at weekends), I made a strong mental note
> about me launching xlock (I do it from the fluxbox context
> menu, btw).
> Has anyone experienced this? 

Yes, I used to experience it regularly back when I used xlockmore, that's
why I switched to xscreensaver. The part of the program that locks the
screen is totally separate from the screen savers, so if a screen saver
program goes wonky, it won't compromise your system.



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