formatting tools for Docbook

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Mon Jun 12 20:32:05 UTC 2006

I am aware that there is more than a single set of tools that mgiht 
possibly be used to format Xml-docbook into html, pdf, and ascii, so I 
want to ask the advice of those FreeBSD'ers who have actually begun 
using docbook to format their own personal documents.  You see, I have a 
very lnog-term history of usage of Groff-'s MM macros for my document 
formatting tasks, but I want to move to a more modern set of tools.  
That is specifically (today) docbook-4.[latest], and tomorrow is 

I really would want, if possible, to avoid using any dsssl-based 
toolset.  If there is a toolset that uses only libxml* based tools, that 
would really be the best, but I would be willing to consider adding in 
Java-based tools.

Once I get it working under Java, you see, I am convinced I coudl (using 
a smallish postscript helper file) craft a toolset that no longer needs 
Java at all, but I need a working toolset before I can make that jump.  
Help me, please!

Again, if you aren;'t using docbook yoursekf, pass this up, please, I 
only want to hear from those using the tools themselves, on the FreeBSD 

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