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Vasil Dimov vd at
Fri Jun 9 18:45:31 UTC 2006

On Thu, Jun 08, 2006 at 07:27:28PM +0200, Jona Joachim wrote:
> Hi!
> I wanted to know if it is possible to tell "make" that it should ignore
> when an error occurs in the building process.
> I'm the maintainer of the devel/tigcc port which is a collection of
> tools to build binaries for the Texas Instruments graphing calculators
> which run on Motorola 68k processors. The main part of this collection
> is actually a patched gcc built for m68k-coff.
> Building gcc 4.0.2 (the version supported by the latest tigcc) for 68k
> will always fail because it will try to build stuff for m68k using the
> GNU AS which it finds in the path, which will not support the 68k
> platform in most cases: "as: unrecognized option `-mc68020'"
> This isn't fatal however because when this point is reached in the
> Makefile everything that is needed is already built and everything that
> follows is not needed. I know that this is a dirty hack but there is no
> other trivial way.
> Is there a way to ignore this error and resume the build process for the
> other tools?
You certainly do not want this! It will ignore not just this error but
also any other errors that may occur. I would suggest that you patch the
software's Makefile to skip the unnecessary part of the build.

Vasil Dimov
gro.DSBeerF at dv

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