Can't resolve dependency conflict

Mark Ovens marko at
Fri Jun 9 16:40:36 UTC 2006

I'm trying to update all my ports using ``portmanager -u -l'' but 
there's a conflict that I can't resolve.

/multimedia/mplex and /multimedia/mjpegtools are the culprits.

I have installed ports that depend on one or the other therefore I can't 
install all the ports I want/need (portmanager has uninstalled some of 
them that were previously installed).

Also, I had news/pan installed; portmanager has uninstalled that due to 
a conflict between devel/pcre and devel/pcre-utf8 - pan requires 
pcre-utf but pcre is already installed as a dependency of another port.

I know I could install the ports manually but the object of the exercise 
is to get everything up to date and let portmanager do what it's 
designed for and manage my ports - this is the first time I've used 
portmanager and have nearly 400 ports installed.

Any advice on how to resolve this?




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