akode distinfo problem

Fabian Keil freebsd-listen at fabiankeil.de
Fri Jun 9 12:35:16 UTC 2006

StRakh <strakh at rspu.edu.ru> wrote:

> cat /usr/ports/audio/akode/distinfo
> MD5 (download.php?content=30375) = 04f79cda65c8e9966fa462eaaaa282dc
> SHA256 (download.php?content=30375) = 
> bc9985329ec2a47d5f85c9a30288ddf2f69d4ca5dc7897b4536bd994a6a0b19f
> SIZE (download.php?content=30375) = 650094
> It looks like a wrong filename.
> that's why i cannot update kde.
> please, point me to a correct akode tar.bz2

It certainly is an ugly file name, but it appears to
be the DISTNAME, so I don't think it's there by accident.

fk at TP51 /usr/ports/audio/akode $grep DIST Makefile 
DISTNAME=       'download.php?content=30375'

I also could fetch the file and view the contents
with tar, but as I don't use KDE, I didn't try to
install it.

Why do you think it's the reason for your
"cannot update kde" problem?

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