The future of Gentoo ports

Kövesdán Gábor gabor.kovesdan at
Fri Jun 9 08:57:56 UTC 2006

Hello Alexander,

I've been thinking of your recommendation about renaming these ports and 
installing them under another prefix. I agree that these are rather 
complete distributions than just linux_base ports. It would be nice to 
indicate that somehow, but I'd prefer keeping the opportunity to install 
them into ${LINUXBASE} as I find them very useful as a linux_base as 
well. For an example, we can get everything from gentoo portage. I know 
we have a lot of ports, but portage may contain something that ports 
doesn't and vica versa. So, we are able to use portages, but chrooting 
to the environment is not necessary, we can jsut start something from 
the host system that are installed in the gentoo environment, as if it 
were a linux-* port from our ports collection.

My idea is to repocopy and rename these ports like:
emulators/linux_base-gentoo-stage1 -> emulators/linux_dist-gentoo-stage1

This introduces a new group of ports (linux_dist*) that are complete 
linux environment for cross-development, etc. At the same time a 
WITH_LINUXBASE macro should be added for installing them into 
${LINUXBASE} and this requires a conditional CONFLICTS with another 
linux_base ports.
If this has been accomplished, I also want to add then three metaports 
as emulators/linux_base-gentoo-stage[123] for the old functionality, 
this would install the ports with WITH_LINUXBASE set, but these 
metaports can be set DEPRECATED without an EXPIRATION_DATE to just note 
that the use of these are discouraged.

Ideas and opinions from the lists are welcome!


Gabor Kovesdan

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