Questions regarding ports for trans-proxy-tor and dns-proxy-tor

Fabian Keil freebsd-listen at
Thu Jun 8 17:13:25 UTC 2006

I'm in the process of "porting" trans-proxy-tor and
dns-proxy-tor. dns-proxy-tor already works out of the box
and I have a patch to get trans-proxy-tor working as well,
however I'd like to get your opinion on some port system
specific problems.

1) trans-proxy-tor requires some perl header files.

 Does the port system have a special way to provide them
 or do I have to write a script? I couldn't find any information
 in the Porter's Handbook's Perl chapter, therefore I fear
 the latter.

 Those perl header files are created by running some of
 FreeBSD's header files through h2ph(1) which means FreeBSD's
 sources are required or /usr/include must be complete.
 Is there an easy way to specify which header files have
 to be available?

2) The master site is http://p56soo2ibjkx23xo.onion/
 and it's only accessible through Tor.

 If Privoxy and Tor are running and configured,
 one could set HTTP_PROXY and fetching should work.
 However I guess this would create problems on the build
 servers, as they probably don't run Tor and Privoxy.

 Additionally FETCH_DEPENDS would only make sure that
 Privoxy and Tor are installed, not that they are configured
 to work together.

 I could mirror the tarball on the web and use it
 as a second master site. Would this be an acceptable
 solution, or would it still lead to problems on the
 build servers when the first master site appears to
 be constantly unreachable?

 A third solution would be to make the port interactive
 and have the user fetch the sources herself or confirm
 that Tor and Privoxy are configured as needed.

 Which way should I go here?

3) trans-proxy-tor and dns-proxy-tor come in one
 package, but dns-proxy-tor can be used without
 trans-proxy-tor. Do you agree that it makes sense
 to create two separate port and use dns-proxy-tor
 a dependency for trans-proxy-tor?

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