[patch] bsd.ports.mk: X_WINDOW_SYSTEM and linux

Boris Samorodov bsam at ipt.ru
Thu Jun 8 01:03:26 UTC 2006

Hello dear port users and portmgr members,

let me introduce a tiny patch to bsd.ports.mk.

As you know, there are two X_WINDOW_SYSTEMs used with FreeBSD. They
may be choosed (auto or by hand). So far our ports have had only one
to use with linux (linux-XFree86-libs). Five weeks ago netchild@
committed a new one (linux-xorg-libs).

Now the question is how to configure the needed linux X libraries. My
suggestion is to use a new variable LINUX_X_WINDOW_SYSTEM which by
default equals to X_WINDOW_SYSTEM. That will give us flexibility and
may prevent (by defining at make.conf) unnecessary immediate
rebuilding of all linux ports using X-libs when this patch is

The proposed patch compares the variable with the string "xorg". In
that case linux-xorg-libs will be used as linux X libraries.
Otherwise (eg.):


...linux-XFree86-libs will be used.

Since modern systems use XOrg as default X library *and* linux-XFree86-libs
it may be a good idea not only to mention this fact at UPDATING but
also mail a heads-up message to ports@, emulation@ and x11 at .

I know that I should file a PR, but I'd like to listen to your
comments and suggestions first. See the attached patch. Thanks.

Boris B. Samorodov, Research Engineer
InPharmTech Co,     http://www.ipt.ru
Telephone & Internet Service Provider
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