portupgrade ideas page

Sergey Matveychuk sem at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jun 7 10:09:31 UTC 2006

Jiawei Ye wrote:
> I *know* that there are limitations in the base tools or what to
> expect. sysutil/portmanager can do this well enough (correct
> dependancy), that's why I *wish* portupgrade could do this too. It's a
> wishlist right?

You're right, it's a wish list. But it does not touch portupgrade directly.
portupgrade tools does not build own INDEX (does it portmanager?), It
use a ready one. It's possible to implement, but it's not a purpose to
grow the tools up. Moreover, building own INDEX is a long time process.
I think nobody likes if it'll be rebuild every time you refresh the
ports tree.


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