php 5.1.4 crashes apache

pobox at pobox at
Mon Jun 5 10:10:53 PDT 2006

> You may try to experiement with commenting out (using ;) one line at a time
> in /usr/local/etc/php/extensions.ini and see whether you can find the
> offending extension by starting Apache till you "get it up". I have had
> serious problems with php-mysql (mysql5) and php-imap (which I have never
> been able to get to work) myself.
> My system: FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE, Apache/2.0.58, PHP 5.1.4

Took another approach. Un-installed all extensions and started to 
install them one by one. First XML - no problem. Then PGSQL - there it 

Does somebody have problems with FreeBSD, Apache 1.3.36, php 5.1.4 and 
PostgreSQL 8.1.4?


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