Question about port renaming (repocopy or not)

Freddie Cash fcash at
Mon Jun 5 09:41:02 PDT 2006

On Monday 05 June 2006 09:26 am, Kay Lehmann wrote:
> just a little question: I am maintaining all those lineak-ports and
> have some updates pending here. lineak has some plugins (default, kde
> and xosd) which should be updated too. These ports have changed their
> names (to be correct, their distfilenames have changed) and they are
> seperated by an - instead of an _ . So I have some options/ideas how to
> handle this and I would like to know which is the correct way before
> filling the pr for these ports:

> 1. let the portnames as they are and just define different distfiles.
> This would look like the following:
> PORTNAME=	lineak_xosdplugin
> DISTNAMES=	lineak-xosdplugin.tar.gz
> I think this is the most ugly option I can use.

This would be the best option, IMO.  It's what I've done with my ports.

The name of the program has not changed, therefore the name of the port 
should not change.  All that has changed is the name of the source 
tarball.  So just change the name of the distfile that gets downloaded.

This is also the simplest change, for everyone involved (port maintainer, 
port committers, cvs repo, and users).

Freddie Cash
fcash at

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