PR ports/76915 fell through the cracks?

PauAmma pauamma at
Sat Jun 3 13:49:53 PDT 2006

On Sat, 3 Jun 2006, Kris Kennaway wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 02, 2006 at 10:45:23PM +0200, Ulrich Spoerlein wrote:
>> PauAmma wrote:
>>> ( for details)
>> I didn't read the patch (yet) and I'm not familiar with the code, but if
>> we would enforce all pkg-install/deinstall scripts to be sh(1) scripts,
>> then it's simply a matter of replacing ./foo with 'sh foo', right?

That would require changes to pkg_delete and related utilities, which 
may actually be a good idea (see below).

> And potentially many other similar changes.  The full scope of the
> changes required to fully support a noexec /var is clearly enormous,
> which is one reason why I don't want to add partial support for this
> nonstandard and rarely-used configuration.

IMO this wouldn't be supporting it strictly speaking, more along the lines 
of not trying to and failing messily. That said, I'm beginning to think 
that if this specific problem should be fixed at all, the fix needs to go 
in pkg_delete and friends, not the ports system itself:

1- This would address the performance concerns Sergey Matveychuk raised.

2- The same problem happens when using pkg_delete -f directly.

Considering the above, and so I don't embark onto something else that only 
I care about, where would you suggest I ask before I start?

(Oh, and since this is no longer ports-related, you can probably close the 
PR unless you think someone may want to revisit it later.)

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