PR ports/76915 fell through the cracks?

Ulrich Spoerlein uspoerlein at
Sat Jun 3 10:22:34 PDT 2006

PauAmma wrote:
> >From the initial PR:
>   When /var (or whichever filesystem holds PKG_DBDIR) is mounted noexec,
>   attempts to deinstall ports will fail and leave a mess behind if the
>   port has a require or deinstall script. This patch checks for that and
>   skips deinstalling if that is the case.
> ( for details)

I didn't read the patch (yet) and I'm not familiar with the code, but if
we would enforce all pkg-install/deinstall scripts to be sh(1) scripts,
then it's simply a matter of replacing ./foo with 'sh foo', right?

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