FreeBSD Port: pam_mysql-0.6.2

Rayed Alrashed rayed at
Sun Jul 30 10:15:37 UTC 2006

Hello Andres,

I had a problem with pam_mysql port not supporting MD5 encryption.

When I used "crypt=3" in my pam.d config file I get this error:

pam_mysql - non-crypt()ish MD5 hash is not supported in this build.

To fix it I edited the port Makefile to add openssl support (needed for 

< CONFIGURE_ARGS=       --with-mysql=${LOCALBASE} 
--with-pam-mods-dir=${PREFIX}/lib --with-pam=/usr --with-openssl
 > CONFIGURE_ARGS=       --with-mysql=${LOCALBASE} 
--with-pam-mods-dir=${PREFIX}/lib --with-pam=/usr

Tested with FreeBSD 5.3

Best regards,


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