GNAT port is broken, maintainer don't care

Rico Secada coolzone at
Fri Jul 28 13:57:06 UTC 2006


During an atempt to install GNAT, in order to compile some ada code on work, I have noticed that the GNAT port breaks on RELEASE.

I have testet the installation on several different machines with the same result. 

The first time I tested this was a couple of month ago (not quite sure), then again a couple of days ago. Each time I have addressed the issue to the maintainer of the port in hope that he will have the time to look into the problem.

This time he gave me this answer:

> >> Sorry, I don't have that problem here.
> >
> > Well since you are the maintainer of the port, I surpose that you are looking into the problem?
> >
> > I have now testet on several machines at our datacenter and I get the same 
> > error on each install. What information do you need?
> I need you to figure out what the problem is and fix it.  It
> works for me on -current, and that is all I have time to run.

Forgive me if I am wrong! But this can't be right. I believe it is better to NOT maintain a port rather than maintain a port, which you really don't have the time to make sure works. I am not a developer, I am unable to figure out what is wrong with the port, but thats not the issue. 

Simply put: "I am a maintainer of a port on FreeBSD, but I only have time to run current, and thus doesn't care a rats ass about if the port works on RELEASE, eventhough thats the most widely used version of FreeBSD."

This can't be right!

Best regards

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