New port suggestion: net/etrace

David Ryan dave.ryan at
Thu Jul 27 23:01:54 UTC 2006

Hi there,

I've cobbled together a port, in line with the handbook (I hope), for
a network tool called 'etrace'
( Pretty useful for probing
networks, which has proved to be quiet useful on pen tests, network
surveys, troubleshooting, etc.

I've contacted the developer and he is quite happy to have it included
within the ports tree. However, I'm not quite sure what the final
stage of the process is? I've attached a tarball of the port files,
tested on the following build platforms:

 - 4.11-RELEASE-p13
 - 5.4-RELEASE-p9
 - 6.0-RELEASE-p6

No 7.X box installed for testing at the moment.

If there is a "port submission" process, please tell me to RTFM! I will
gladly oblige once pointed in said direction.


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