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Thu Jul 27 08:38:06 UTC 2006

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I've just uploaded a new version of portmaster to that in addition to the stuff from the
message below, also implements the following:

1. Fix handling of [/usr/ports/]foo/bar as second option to -o

2. Correctly handle the -o case where both ports are already installed

3. If an initial 'make checksum' run fails, delete the distfiles and start
over again (still in the background)

4. When deleting stale distfiles, start with the longest match, then
truncate the file name recursively till we find something to delete, or run
out of file name. (IOW, for a distfile named a-b-c-1.23.tar.gz, first try
a-b-c*, then a-b*, etc.)

5. Don't try to delete directories as if they were distfiles

6. Add PATCHFILES to the list of potentially stale files to test

As always, your testing and feedback are welcome.


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Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 23:45:26 -0700

Thanks to all who've sent in their bugs, suggestions, and ideas for
improvement, I've got a new version of portmaster ready for those who would
like to check it out. It implements the following:

1. Trap a ^C (SIGINT) to the parent process, and attempt to kill off all the
child processes that have spawned.

2. Add -L mode, which generates the same list as -l, but also checks for
updated versions of the installed ports.

3. Do a better job of tracking the parent process, and use that information
to make the internal housecleaning easier.

4. While doing the 'make config' run through the dependency tree, if no
dependencies need updating then jump straight to the build, rather than
walking the dependency tree again. This saves a lot of time for those that
keep their ports relatively up to date, especially for ports that have a lot
of dependencies.

5. When running in interactive (-i) mode, store the user's preferences
during the 'make config' run so that we don't have to ask him again when
building. This is particularly helpful with the -a or -r options.

6. Implement support for portupgrade's /var/db/pkg/*/+IGNOREME files. If
this file is seen in the master port (the one specified on the command line)
the user is given the option to upgrade or not. If it's seen in a port that
is a dependency, it is ignored silently, except in verbose mode where it's
ignored with a warning. This seemed like the cleanest way to implement an
"ignore feature," which also has the virtue of adding support for something
the user might already have in place.

7. Add -f to pkg_delete in the -s case, just as it is already used for the
general case.

8. In -va mode, print the name of the port we're checking in the config step

9. Reverse the wording of the verbose message in -r mode to actually make sense.

10. Warn the user during config mode if a port sets IS_INTERACTIVE.

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