New portmaster version available for testing/feedback

Hans Lambermont hans at
Mon Jul 24 19:05:08 UTC 2006

Doug Barton wrote:

> Hans Lambermont wrote:
>> I just tested the same upgrade and it works OK now :
>> ===>>> Upgrade for howl-1.0.0_1 to avahi-0.6.11_1 succeeded
>> I miss one dependency though :
>> # pkg_info -R avahi-0.6.11_1
>> Required by:
>> gimp-2.2.11,1
>> kde-3.5.2
>> planner-0.13_3
>> The old avahi-0.6.10_3 also had :
>>> # pkg_info -R avahi-0.6.10_3
>>> Required by:
>>> vlc-0.8.5_2
>> Is this a dependency-merge omission ? It looks like avahi-0.6.11_1
>> only has the howl-1.0.0_1 dependencies.
> D'oh. This is an ugly problem, but I just uploaded a new version at
> that fixes this issue. This time
> around I created an artificial environment with both howl and avahi
> dependencies, and with both ports installed, and tested the update.
> I'm confident that this new version does what _I_ expected it to do,

Wasn't bluntly merging the 'is dependent on by' lists the solution then ?

> but if you can still test one more time, that would be appreciated. If
> you don't get a chance to test, that's cool too, just let me know so
> that I can check in the new version.

I happily upgraded avahi in the latest bootable backup in my previous
mail (and made a new backup over it afterwards), and my other bootable
backup is too old : it doesn't have both howl/avahi installed. I also
have non-bootable backups that might have both howl/avahi installed, but
am a little short on spare time now.
I'm confident I'll create a similar situation to test with 'soon' ;-)

   Hans Lambermont

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