FreeBSD Port: openldap-server-2.3.24: default loglevel and /var/log/debug.log

Xin LI delphij at
Sun Jul 23 06:57:31 UTC 2006

On Sat, Jul 22, 2006 at 11:55:23PM +0200, Thierry Lacoste wrote:
> > So, Correct, yes.  However that loglevel records the activity of the
> > server in about the same level of detail as you'ld hope to see from any
> > other network server.
> With no negative impact on performance for a loaded production server?
> My /var/log/debug.log was already rotating every hour and the machine
> is only in a testing phase.

Of course logging has side effect on performance.  Additionally you
may want to store /var/db to a separate partition, and separate the
journal out with a DB_CONFIG file.

Personally I would suggest that you set it to 32768, and redirect the
log to somewhere else (say, /var/log/slapd.log, etc).

> > Having slapd write logs is certainly a good thing.  However it seems
> > that your only choice of how to log what slapd does is via syslog using
> > the LOG_LOCAL4 facility.  If the slapd logging is too voluminous and
> > clogging up files that should show other logs, you can tell syslog not
> > to include it.  Eg for your debug.log:
> >
> >     !-slapd
> >     *.=debug               /var/log/debug.log
> >
> Actually I did
> *.=debug;local4.none                            /var/log/debug.log
> local4.debug                                     /var/log/slapd.log
> But clearly /var/log/slapd.log is now rotating fast.
> I'm using nss_ldap and a simple "id lacoste" generates more than 2 KB of logs.
> I was considering keeping that setting for testing purposes and
> either turn to in syslog.conf or set "loglevel=0" in slapd.conf
> when in production. Is this a bad idea?

Oh...  I think 0 have the same effect with 32768.  I think it's Ok to have
slapd to log some emergency messages, which helps you to determine what
is happening without big performance pressure :-)


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