Can't install ruby-bdb on RELEASE-6.1

Jim Trigg jtrigg at
Fri Jul 21 16:43:47 UTC 2006

On Fri, July 21, 2006 12:10 pm, Donald J. O'Neill wrote:
> On Friday 21 July 2006 09:45, Jim Trigg wrote:
>> On Fri, July 21, 2006 2:22 am, Sergey Matveychuk wrote:
>> > Jim Trigg wrote:
>> >> I'm setting up a new system with 6.1-RELEASE, and I forgot to install
>> >> portupgrade from a package during the OS install.  ruby-bdb fails to
>> >> build, complaining that it doesn't know how to make 'all' (it doesn't
>> >> specify which directory it's in, but it's right after it runs
>> >> extconf.rb).  Any clues?
>> >>
>> >> (Note: when I posted this earlier I mentioned changing LOCALBASE.
>> >> Further testing has shown that it fails regardless of LOCALBASE
>> >> setting.)
>> >
>> Full list of what I've done:
>> - Installed 6.1-RELEASE from CD
> OK, fine.
>> - Installed cvsup
>> - Ran cvsup ports-all
> Please explain this a little more. What's ports-all? Is that the name of a
> sup-file you're using? If so, what's in it?
>> - Attempted to install portupgrade with BDB4; ruby-bdb failed to build
> What is the failure message. The failure could have occurred at the
> beginning of ruby-bdb. Do you have /usr/ports/databases/db(what version?)
> installed?

I don't have the complete error message anymore, but it was basically
"don't know how to make 'all'" after running extconf.rb.  IIRC I had db41
installed; on at least one attempt I tried installing db44 instead (and
setting WITH_BDB_VER=44).

>> - Uninstalled all ports, changed LOCALBASE to /opt and X11BASE to
> Are you saying you uninstalled the ports-tree and reinstalled it using
> cvsup, or are you saying you uninstalled the installed ports?

I'm saying I uninstalled all installed ports, in order to change LOCALBASE.

> Is there a reason you are messing with LOCALBASE? Is this a linux thing
> you're doing?

Sort of, but not really.  I'm changing LOCALBASE because I prefer having
my filesystems at root level, and want my ports on a separate filesystem
from /usr.  /opt happens to be used by both Linux and Solaris.  Note that
while this is a new system (and my first 6.x system), I've been managing a
4.x system for at least six years now; I'm not new to FreeBSD or ports.

> What is the output from 'df -m'?

I'll send this later, when I'm at home where the system is.  Offhand, /usr
and /opt each are 20G partitions with plenty of free space.

> Do you have anything in /etc/make.conf?

Only LOCALBASE, X11BASE, and WITH_BDB_VER when those are defined.

> I would suggest installing /usr/ports/databases/db43 before trying to
> install portupgrade. It might work out a little better for you.

OK, I'll try against that version as well.


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