fvwm 2.5.17 Issue

Cy Schubert Cy.Schubert at komquats.com
Fri Jul 21 07:06:05 UTC 2006

In message <20060721032335.GA4291 at holestein.holy.cow>, Parv writes:
> in message <200607200335.k6K3ZVlv021144 at cwsys.cwsent.com>, wrote Cy
> Schubert thusly...
> >
> > Fvwm2 2.5.17 was released, however it contains a nasty little bug
> > which causes it to ignore colour specification for the text in a
> > title bar. Until this issue is addressed, I will hold off on
> > updating the port.
> Thanks Cy for both being current with the fvwm release & holding
> back till the bug is fixed.

I noticed other bugs in it too, such as various config statements no longer being recognised yet the strings exist in the source and the binary. I haven't looked at it closely yet but I suspect a serious yet small bug in pointer arithmetic, it's doing strange things. The more I look at it, it looks much less likely that that this release will ever be committed to the ports tree. I'm hoping that 2.5.18 will fix these bugs.

Anyhow, for those who are gluttons for punishment, you can get 2.5.17 from http://komquats.com/ports/fvwm2-devel-2.5.17.tar.bz2. The files will not be available this weekend as my network will be down much of the weekend and possibly even parts of next week.

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