New portmaster version available for testing/feedback

Hans Lambermont hans at
Thu Jul 20 12:04:21 UTC 2006

Doug Barton wrote:

> Doug Barton wrote:
>> I just uploaded a version that has what should be a fix for this, can
>> you give it a try? And thanks for catching this, you're right, it's
>> an oversight on my part.
> I'm curious if you've had a chance to try that fix, as I'd like to
> commit the new version sometime soon.

It's nice to have bootable backups ;-) I just tested the same upgrade
and it works OK now :

===>>> Upgrade for howl-1.0.0_1 to avahi-0.6.11_1 succeeded

I miss one dependency though :

# pkg_info -R avahi-0.6.11_1
Required by:

The old avahi-0.6.10_3 also had :
> # pkg_info -R avahi-0.6.10_3
> Required by:
> vlc-0.8.5_2

Is this a dependency-merge omission ? It looks like avahi-0.6.11_1 only
has the howl-1.0.0_1 dependencies.

> Also, in re-reading your message it occurs to me that one of the problems
> with what you did previously is that you specified just 'howl' as the second
> argument to -o, and that isn't enough. You either need to specify net/howl
> ala portupgrade, or howl-1.0.0_1 (i.e., the installed port name from
> /var/db/pkg).

Ah yes, perhaps this is a good thing to check for ? ;-)

   Hans Lambermont

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