hpijs/hplip, foomatic-rip, and CUPS 1.2.0

John Merryweather Cooper john_m_cooper at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 18 00:08:23 UTC 2006

Anthony Agelastos wrote:
> On Jul 16, 2006, at 11:19 PM, John Merryweather Cooper wrote:
>> Anthony Agelastos wrote:
>>> On Jul 16, 2006, at 10:08 PM, John Merryweather Cooper wrote:
>>>> Anthony Agelastos wrote:
>>>>> On Jul 16, 2006, at 3:19 PM, Doug Barton wrote:
>>>>>> For future reference, please don't post to both -ports and 
>>>>>> -questions.
>>>>> Thank you for this clarification.
>>>>>> Anthony Agelastos wrote:
>>>>>>> Does anyone out there have network printing working with 
>>>>>>> hpijs/hplip and
>>>>>>> CUPS 1.2.0?
>>>>>> Yes. You need to follow the instructions at
>>>>>> file:///usr/local/share/doc/hplip-0.9.11/install/step4/cups/net.html
>>>>> I do not think I explained my situation very well. This printer 
>>>>> (hp LaserJet 1160Le) is connected directly to my FreeBSD server 
>>>>> via USB. If I print something logged on the server (via lp for 
>>>>> instance), it prints. I wish to print to this printer from all of 
>>>>> the computers on my LAN. When I try to print something from one of 
>>>>> these computers, that is when it bombs and displays the 
>>>>> foomatic-rip error message (foomatic-rip failed).
>>>>> The directions on that sheet appear to be if I wanted to print to 
>>>>> this network printer that wasn't directly connected to the FreeBSD 
>>>>> server. Am I mistaken about this? Also, there is no button on the 
>>>>> printer that will print such a page, so I would have to figure out 
>>>>> how to find this IP address by other means. I cannot see how to 
>>>>> find it in the CUPS web interface. I assume CUPS issues it an IP 
>>>>> address.
>>>>> The error_log that I have posted on previous threads is attached 
>>>>> to this email (the successful print jobs were done locally while 
>>>>> the error occurred when I printed to the printer from my MacBook 
>>>>> Pro). Does anyone have any suggestions? I should note that prior 
>>>>> to the CUPS upgrade to 1.2.0 (and the recent gnutls update), my 
>>>>> setup was working (I was able to print from the server itself as 
>>>>> well as all of the rest of the computers on my LAN). I have 
>>>>> rebuilt all packages several times (except for the OS).
>>>>> On my MacBook Pro, when I go to the CUPS web interface, I see the 
>>>>> following for the printer:
>>>>> hp_LaserJet_1160Le at    HP LaserJet 1160 Foomatic/hpijs 
>>>>> (recommended)       Description: hp LaserJet 1160Le
>>>>> Location: Den
>>>>> Printer State: idle, accepting jobs.
>>>>> is the IP address of my FreeBSD server on my LAN. It 
>>>>> looks as if Mac OS X 10.4.7 runs CUPS 1.1.23, but I could be 
>>>>> mistaken. It has found the printer through Bonjour (zeroconf I 
>>>>> believe is another name for it), so I didn't have to do any 
>>>>> configuring. Could there be an incompatibility within these 
>>>>> versions of CUPS? I have found the following page which lists 
>>>>> several issues and talks about how CUPS 1.2.0 is broken in several 
>>>>> places. Could one of these be the issue?
>>>>> http://www.bsdforums.org/forums/showthread.php?t=42391
>>>>>>> On a sidenote, I was having difficulties installing hpijs when 
>>>>>>> hplip was
>>>>>>> already installed
>>>>>> I'm working on that.
>>>>> Thank you for your assistance on this.
>>>>>> Doug
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>>>> You need to restart CUPS when the printer "attaches" via USB or 
>>>> else CUPS won't know about the USB port and you'll get this error 
>>>> every time.
>>> I just did a /usr/local/etc/rc.d/cupsd restart and then printed 
>>> something from my laptop. Same error.
>>> dell# lpstat -t
>>> scheduler is running
>>> no system default destination
>>> device for Create_PDF: cups-pdf:/
>>> device for hp_LaserJet_1160Le: /dev/ulpt0
>>> Create_PDF accepting requests since Sun Jun 25 11:27:52 2006
>>> hp_LaserJet_1160Le accepting requests since Sun Jul 16 22:36:15 2006
>>> printer Create_PDF is idle.  enabled since Sun Jun 25 11:27:52 2006
>>> printer hp_LaserJet_1160Le is idle.  enabled since Sun Jul 16 
>>> 22:36:15 2006
>>>         /usr/local/libexec/cups/filter/foomatic-rip failed
>>> hp_LaserJet_1160Le-30   iqgrande          7168   Sun Jul 16 22:36:02 
>>> 2006
>>>> jmc
>> What are the permissions/ownership on /dev/ulpt0?
>> jmc
> It is possible that the group "cups" was setup incorrectly by me. How 
> do I check this? What properties do you have for this group?
I have these two lines in my /etc/devfs.rules:

add path 'unlpt*' mode 0660 group cups
add path 'ulpt*' mode 0660 group cups

It comes out with the same ownership/permissions you're reporting--but 
it works for me.


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