Porting ardour

Arseny Nasokin tarc at tarc.po.cs.msu.su
Mon Jul 17 13:17:12 UTC 2006

> What is the progress of your work?
> It seems that the problem with porting Ardour is that the code links to
> Alsa directly, see this post at
> http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-multimedia/2004-March/000889.html:
> All the best,
> -- 
>      Jean-Baptiste Quenot
> aka  John Banana Qwerty
> http://caraldi.com/jbq/
Thanks for link.

Not, problem not here. It can play out sound with jack. 

Native and probably Linux version crashes on opening saved session files.
But under mandriva 2006 under QEmu all works fine.

   Best regards,
   	Arseny Nasokin

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