Setting LDCONFIG for ports that need 32bit libraries

Scot Hetzel swhetzel at
Sat Jul 15 13:28:02 UTC 2006

I had recently updated my www/frontpage and sent a patch for
security/vscan  port to work on FreeBSD/amd64.  I had to set LDCONFIG
to /sbin/ldconfig -32, in order for it to find the dependancy on the
32bit libraries.

I initialily was thinking that USE_LDCONFIG32 should set LDCONFIG, but
this was wrong, as this only affects ports that install 32bit
libraries.  We need a new variable (USE_LIB32?) that can be used by
ports that require 32bit libraries.

The only thing I didn't check is how pkg_add will work when installing
these ports as packages.  Will it detect that the 32bit libraries are

No electrons were mamed while sending this message. Only slightly bruised.

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