Dejan Lesjak dejan.lesjak at ijs.si
Fri Jul 14 20:02:39 UTC 2006

On Friday 14 July 2006 21:33, Doug Barton wrote:
> Dejan Lesjak wrote:
> > On Friday 14 July 2006 08:58, Maxim Sobolev wrote:
> >> What's the gain?
> >
> > I believe I mentioned some of gains in first mail. There is also the
> > benefit of less divergence to upstreams as ./configure scripts of various
> > ports use /usr/local as default prefix, but more importantly as modular
> > X.org is becoming more widespread there is tendency of various packagers
> > (for example Linux distributions already mentioned) to install all
> > packages under same prefix. We expect that if we follow that trend, we
> > would make maintainers and users' lives a bit easier in the long run.
> Note, I am still making up my mind about whether what you're proposing is a
> good idea or not, so I'm not intending this as a criticism. However, the
> argument you propose above as a benefit for the move is completely
> specious. Our ports are supposed to be prefix-clean no matter what the
> defaults in the distributed software are, and no matter what prefix the
> user chooses. Thus (other than ports which are broken now which need fixing
> anyway), the only thing this move will do is ADD work for maintainers (at
> least in the short run), it will not make anyone's life easier in this
> area.

Actually, I didn't mean the prefix that some port installs into would be the 
truble, rather where given port looks for includes, libraries and other files 
from ports that it depends upon.


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