Dejan Lesjak dejan.lesjak at ijs.si
Thu Jul 13 14:25:24 UTC 2006

On Thursday 13 July 2006 02:25, michael johnson wrote:
> On 7/13/06, Dejan Lesjak <dejan.lesjak at ijs.si> wrote:
> > On Thursday 13 July 2006 01:20, michael johnson wrote:
> > > I agree we should move a lot of software out of X11BASE but there
> > > will need to be a lot of work (esp. for gnome). I'm curious of the
> > > time frame in which xorg 7 will be committed to the tree? I'm not
> > > speaking for the entire freebsd gnome team but if we did decide
> > > to take on this task it would probably take several months to fully
> > > test and get everything working well in LOCALBASE. I think the
> > > major hurdle for us isn't moving everything to LOCALBASE it's
> > > more of the upgrade path people will have to take, having to
> > > rebuild all gnome components and all the bugs that will follow..
> >
> > We certainly can't throw xorg 7 that installs in LOCALBASE in tree if
> > that would break entire gnome :-) Hopefully we can come up with
> > transition that would annoy users as well as maintainers the least. One
> > option is to wait with xorg until most ports that now install under
> > X11BASE are converted. Another one is perhaps to find out whether gnome
> > for example would work installed under X11BASE with xorg itself installed
> > under LOCALBASE. There's
> > possibility we add xorg-7 to X_WINDOW_SYSTEM flavours (as non-default
> > one),
> > default X11BASE to LOCALBASE in that case. Would that help with
> > converting and testing?
> I might have taken your first email wrong, I was assuming you want to
> remove X11BASE all together?

Well, yes that is the general intention but one of the reasons for mail is to 
see what are the obstacles of doing so and after finding that out, how do we 
transition to X11BASE-free ports (the other reason being to see whether those 
obstacles outweigh benefits of doing so).
After we switch to modular xorg builds there will most probably never be and 
upgrade of all of xorg ports at one time, so this seems like the best time to 
switch PREFIX for xorg ports.
If we need to wait with xorg-7 becoming the default until gnome is converted 
to LOCALBASE prefix, then we should wait (in the mean time we could even have 
xorg-7 as a non-default X_WINDOW_SYSTEM that installs under X11BASE but with 
some large warning somewhere that before switching to default it will be 
moved to LOCALBASE or something like that...).

> Moving xorg to LOCALBASE won't be a problem for gnome, I'm just saying
> the gnome ports might stick around in X11BASE for a while unless
> we (gnome team) get some motivation to move. We've talked about
> moving gnome to LOCALBASE in the past but I think we've not attempted
> this because it's quite a bit of work for not a whole lot of gain. Wanting
> to remove X11BASE might be the kick we need.

The conflicts seemed most worrying so far; judging from vd's mail this doesn't 
seem so horrible though. You said in other mail that gnome installed with 
X11BASE=${LOCALBASE} just works, so perhaps there won't be so much pain after 
all. If we however find out that this is too much pain for too little gain we 
can still just drop the idea, but if we want to do it we might as well start 
planning it now.
Could the change be perhaps done with next gnome release (when would that be?) 
when users will have to upgrade stuff in any case? Would it help to 
coordinate xorg upgrade with gnome upgrade?


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