Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at optushome.com.au
Thu Jul 13 10:43:43 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-Jul-13 01:53:47 +0200, [LoN]Kamikaze wrote: It should be
>possible to make a shell skript that seds through shell scripts,
>moves everything around and fixes /var/db/pkg without having to
>rebuild anything.

.la files have absolute pathnames embedded in them.  I think you can
virtually guarantee that there will also be absolute pathnames in
executables and .so's that need fixing.

> I guess most things would just work that way.

The problem isn't the "most things would just work", it's confirming
that this is indeed true and detecting and handling the ones that
don't just work.

Despite the pain, a complete rebuild is probably the safest approach.
If you're doing a major upgrade on X, this is probably a good idea
in any case.

Peter Jeremy
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