config files & ports/98792

Simon Olofsson simon at
Fri Jul 7 20:13:13 UTC 2006


I've got two questions:
- in the Porter's Handbook section 7.3 "Configuration files" it is
  said that you need to handle the installation of configuration files
  both in the Makefile and in pkg-plist.
  That's what I did on my ports. But now I submited a update for
  ftp/lftp (ports/99893) and saw that the installation of config files
  also works, when it is only handled in pkg-plist.
  What's the correct way to go? Makefile AND pkg-plist or only
- I submitted an update for audio/cmus (ports/98792) some time ago.
  adamw@ is Maintainer and he is responsible for the PR. But I don't
  get any answer from him. I have full understanding, if he is busy.
  But I would really like to see cmus updated. The next version is also
  released and I can provide patches for that too.
  Maybe anyone knows where Adam is or how to reach him.

Mit freundlichem Gruß,
With best regards,

Simon Olofsson

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