Question about ports builds

Mark Linimon linimon at
Thu Jul 6 21:38:26 UTC 2006

On Thu, Jul 06, 2006 at 09:58:54PM +0300, Ion-Mihai IOnut Tetcu wrote:
> Actually "support" for 4.x is gone already. We're only required to mark
> the ports broken or incorporate patches from the users. Of curse, we
> try to fix broken ports on 4-STABLE but that battle is going to be lost.

The latest results from the battlefield are not encouraging.  I just
finished another i386-4 build.  Here are the stats of # of packages that
completed versus whether the build is still running or not, compared to
the slightly more than 15,000 possible packages:

i386-4		10,167 (complete)
i386-5		13,064 (still in progress)
i386-6		13,599 (complete)
i386-7		13,412 (still in progress)

For comparison, a complete run of amd64-6 recently produced 12171 packages,
and this was with kdebase3 and docbook-xsl not having finished successfully,
which would have added many more.  (I may try to restart it).

The burden of trying to keep everything working on 4 i386 branches, 3
amd64 branches, and 3 sparc64 branches is too high at this point, especially
with the degree of drift in such things as header files and base compiler
between -4 and -5.  Of course, most of these things can be fixed given
sufficient maintainer and committer interest, but at some point you have
to conclude that you're in the realm of diminishing returns.

(pedantic note: we also try to keep two branches of ia64 running, at a
lower priority.  Even those may be in better shape than i386-4, currently.)

Further note: there may be a recent checkin affecting the linux_base
ports which completely skews this result; I am investigating.  However.
there are 206 legitimate build errors on i386-4 now; that doesn't include
any port already marked as BROKEN.  That's quite high.

Those interested in further research can check out a new statistics
display at
(Among other things it will prove that you should not trust me to do
web design, but never mind that.)


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