ruby-bdb broken somehow?

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at
Thu Jul 6 18:26:16 UTC 2006

"Matt Sealey" <matt at> writes:

> Mrff.
> Okay I rebuuilt from scratch.
> First run of portupgrade complained that the DB was not the required
> format and completely rebuilt the package database.
> It makes me wonder what else broke that used Ruby and put databases
> on my disk somewhere.. and is going to explode because it was using
> a 1.8x bdb database and not a 4.3?

As your database was rebuilt (since ruby18-bdb-* didn't like the 1.85
format it found), no need to be scared, it's in 4.3 format now.

Follows generic Berkeley DB 4.2 -> 4.3 upgrade instructions:

Other than that, db43 can handle db42 *non-transactional* databases
(like portupgrade uses).

Transactional databases leave log.NNNNNNNN and __db.NNN files behind.
If you have *transactional* databases (those to write BOTH
log.NNNNNNNNNN and __db.NNN), see the application-specific upgrade notes
(for instance, bogofilter has them in README.db). If there are none,
remove the db42-written __db.* files *BEFORE* running the now db43-based
application for the first time, Berkeley DB will then upgrade the
database logs properly.

It cannot hurt to make proper backups before database/application
upgrades though -- be sure to backup the log.* files *AFTER* the *.db

Matthias Andree

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