Conflict between avahi and howl/mDNSResponder

Willy Picard picard at
Thu Jul 6 11:11:57 UTC 2006


Currently, avahi conflicts with howl/mDNSResponder. As a user of KDE, I have
plenty of applications that depend on mDNSResponder. But at the same time, I am
a user of, Firefox, eclipse and many others that depend on avahi
(mainly because of gnome-vfs). The current conflict has the following
consequence: I cannot update the applications that depend on avahi because avahi
cannot be updated. Therefore, my question is the following: what should I do to
have Firefox, and the like updated? Should I delete avahi and
force a dependence of these applications with howl/mDNSResponder? Should I wait
till Gnome and KDE find an agreement on this conflict :) ?


Willy Picard
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