ruby-bdb broken somehow?

Matt Sealey matt at
Wed Jul 5 14:19:05 UTC 2006

root at mithrandir:/usr/ports/databases/ruby-bdb$ portupgrade -f ruby-bdb
/usr/libexec/ /usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/i386-freebsd4/ Undefined symbol "db_version_4002"

This happened during an upgrade to clamav, and now portupgrade is broken (and
won't.. upgrade..)

We use bdb 4.2 on the system, which works with everything else.. but Ruby seems
to have dragged in db 4.3 too.

I have no idea what happened here. All my make.conf flags specify 42.

Matt Sealey <matt at>
Manager, Genesi, Developer Relations

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