Fixing VNC port(s) for AMD64

Justin T. Gibbs gibbs at
Wed Jul 5 03:41:25 UTC 2006

So I'm new to AMD64 and was surprised by the lack of VNC
support for this platform.  Its been a while since I've
hacked ports (like more years than I have fingers on one
hand), but I figured it couldn't be that hard to fix up one
of the VNC ports and submit my work back.

Boy was I wrong.

I did get something to build and work, but my solution is
not port worthy.  Given my inexperience with the current
ports system and the X11 build, is there anyone here I can
team up with to develop a proper solution?

Here's what I ended up doing to the vnc port:
o Disable XFree86 4.3 fetches and replace with Xorg 6.9.0.
o Apply all FreeBSD server and library patches for Xorg.
o Correct vnc's supplied patch file to be compatible with
  the Xorg distribution (some hunks have already been applied).
o Add -fPIC to the build of vnc components linked as libraries
  (required for AMD64 support).
o Modify cf files to disable server extensions that require
  xf86 config and hw support inappropriate for a virtual
  Xserver like Xvnc.
o Manually build libdamage which was referenced by the link
  of Xvnc, but not built for some reason.

Since there are several ports that require a "ports system
patched" version of an Xorg or XFree86 source tree, can we
come up with a better solution than to extract the source
and either include or reference all the patches to be applied 
in each port?

I disabled extensions until all undefined references were
removed from the link of Xvnc.  While the resulting binary
works as best I can tell, it may not be optimal.  Someone
with more Xserver experience would be a big help here.

Anyway, I think that vnc is a critical piece of infrastructure
for many types of server installations.  I'd hate to see
others burn a good half day or more trying to get vnc to
work on their server.  What can I do to further the cause
of getting the port fixed?


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