ports/99653: New Port: sysutils/kports (error in the last one)

Roman Bogorodskiy novel at freebsd.org
Mon Jul 3 06:11:31 UTC 2006

  Hannes Hauswedell wrote:

> i have problems figuering out the problem, though (this is my first port). i 
> followed the "porters handbook"'s directions and everything looked fine over 
> here....

Everybody sometimes does something for the first time. And it's very
good you started doing your first port with reading of a documentation. :)

> what does "Fatal error: filesystem was touched prior to 'make install' phase" 
> mean? where exactly did the build process touch something outside the work 
> directory? how can i repeat this error on my computer, what do you use to 
> check for this behaviour?

"filesystem was touched prior to 'make install' phase" means that your
port did something with filesystem (e.g. installed some files) during
build stage. Actually, port should not install files or perform any
actions modifying the filesystem during build stage. Files should be
installed only by 'make install'.

You could check this with a help of tinderbox (misc/tinderbox).

Roman Bogorodskiy
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