HEADS-UP: portupgrade and pkgdb.db failures

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at gmx.de
Sat Jul 1 09:07:05 UTC 2006

Sergey Matveychuk <sem at freebsd.org> writes:

> Please note:
> If you got problem with pkgdb.db (and INDEX.db) file afrer upgrade
> portupgrade, remove it (them) and restart portupgrade.
> (It was described in man page.)

For those wondering, these are /var/db/pkg/pkgdb.db and
/usr/ports/INDEX.db, INDEX-5.db or INDEX-6.db.

> It's possible you'll get *.db brackage. It'll happen if you selected
> WITH_BDB4 option and thought you have *.db in bdb2+ format. But it was
> wrong, you had bases in dbd format. Now it's fixed and you'll have

Is that bdb 1.85 format you're referring to?

> honest bdb format, but you should remove databases files first.

Would it be possible, reasonable and not too much effort to use the
db_dump185* and db_load* utilities of the corresponding database library
to automatically convert the database to the newer format in
postinstall?  (Can the proper Berkeley DB library version be queried
from the ruby database code at all?)

Matthias Andree

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