php5 and apache20?

Brandon Fosdick bfoz at
Sun Jan 22 14:00:46 PST 2006

Spadge wrote:
> I do it by including the following to a lang/php5 stanza in the
> MAKE_ARGS section of /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf:

If I have apache already installed, this gets me as far as configure, which then bails out looking for apr-1-config. If I don't already have apache installed it proceeds to install apache20, as desired. However the apache20 port doesn't build, I can only install it with a package.

> And then let portinstall pick it up.
> You could probably do it by changing the apache version in the Makefile
> .if defined(WITH_APACHE)
> PKGMESSAGE=     ${PKGDIR}/pkg-message.mod
> USE_APACHE=     1.3+
> .endif
> Change 1.3+ to 2.0+ or something.

This works if I have apache20 installed from a package. Seems like something is wrong with the apache port.

Thanks for the help.

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