Portupgrade confused about editors/emacs

Panagiotis Astithas past at ebs.gr
Fri Jan 6 04:25:54 PST 2006

Mike Jakubik wrote:
> Ceri Davies wrote:
>> After today's portsnap run:
>>   # portversion -v emacs
>>   emacs-21.3_9                >  succeeds port (port has 19.34b_1) (=> 
>> 'editors/emacs19')
>> I thought that this may have been my fault, so I removed the package 
>> and reinstalled from the editors/emacs port, but the result is the 
>> same.  I assume that this is down to the ordering of these two lines 
>> in /usr/ports/MOVED, but then I don't see why I haven't seen this 
>> problem before:
>>   editors/emacs|editors/emacs19|2004-03-20|emacs 19.x moved to a 
>> non-default port location
>>   editors/emacs21|editors/emacs|2004-03-20|emacs 21.x moved to default 
>> port location
> If you are using portupgrade-2.0.1 then know that its broken, and cant 
> deal with moved ports well. The issue has been brought up many times, 
> but it doesn't seem like anything is being done about it. A continuing 
> trend for freebsd it seems.

I think that's a little harsh for a port that has been updated three 
times this week. Indeed, the last commit message shows that the 
maintainer (CC'ed) was trying to fix the emacs ordering issue. Perhaps 
he missed something.



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