HEADS UP: gcc 4.1 build in progress

Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Wed Dec 13 11:21:33 PST 2006

Dear Porters,

Now that X11BASE errors are more or less under control (we're mostly
waiting on a few lagging maintainers to do their part), I've started
another gcc 4.1 test build so that maintainers can start to work on
that in preparation for the gcc 4.x import into 7.0.

Based on the previous build, we're looking at about 1000 new port
build failures across the ports collection, so it's important that do
our best to reduce that count as quickly as possible, to avoid user
and developer disruption once the import takes place (probably early
in the new year).

The build logs are here:


Maintainers of ports appearing here will also be getting special
personalized nagmail about it.

In many cases fixing these ports requires only simple code changes,
and these may already have been submitted to the developers by other
projects (thesedays many Linux distributions use gcc 4.1, so chances
are they have fixed the error already), or the patches may be found in
their package repositories.

You should be able to reproduce it yourself simply by installing the
lang/gcc41 port and then setting the variables


in your environment (Note: some ports do not respect these variables
currently, but this is another bug that should be fixed).

Actually there is some debate about whether to go with gcc 4.1 or 4.2
(the latter is the next release branch, so if we can get away with
using 4.2 instead then it will have a longer lifetime and receive more
gcc developer support).  To that end I'll also be doing a gcc 4.2
build in the near future to see how much worse it fares than 4.1.


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