Problems w/portsnap

Jakob Breivik Grimstveit jakob at
Fri Sep 30 06:13:13 PDT 2005

Have two machines, both with 5.4p7 running on separate location, both with
portsnap-0.9.5, and both with the latest portsnap.conf.sample copied
to /usr/local/etc/portsnap.conf.

Just did a `portsnap fetch && portsnap update` on both boxes, so they should
contain exactly the same ports tree as far as I can see.

However, I experience large differences in the ports tree, where one of the
machines for examples lacks totally the
folder /usr/ports/textproc/p5-XML-Parser, where the other machine has it.

How can this be? I find this when my SpamAssassin-upgrade failed miserably
not understanding where all the p5-ports had gone.

[jakobbg at nusse textproc]$ pwd
[jakobbg at nusse textproc]$ ls|grep p5|wc -l

... where on the other machine ...

[jakobbg at hombre textproc]# pwd
[jakobbg at hombre textproc]# ls|grep p5|wc -l

What silly have I done wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

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