openssl 0.9.8 breaking things

Gary Kline kline at
Thu Sep 29 09:29:20 PDT 2005

On Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 11:05:33AM +0200, Mark Edwards wrote:
> On Sep 28, 2005, at 7:26 PM, Gary Kline wrote:
> I think I have a clue as to why this is becoming complicated.  I  
> didn't have either WITH_OPENSSL_BASE=yes or WITH_OPENSSL_PORT=yes in / 
> etc/make.conf.  What must be happening is that some things are using  
> the base openssl, and some are using the port, which is causing a  
> conflict.  That's my guess.  For whatever reason, the 0.9.7g port  
> doesn't cause a conflict, whereas 0.9.8 does.
> I don't really see the point of having the openssl port installed, in  
> my case.  Its only installed because some port wanted it and built  
> it, and I didn't have WITH_OPENSSL_BASE=yes set.  So, I'm now going  
> to set WITH_OPENSSL_BASE=yes, remove the openssl port, and rebuild  
> everything that depended upon the openssl port.

	Thanks for finding this!  I believe in the KISS philosophy:
	"Keep it simple, Sir".  The only time  I used a
	non-system-default port was when the default named was v8
	and I used the v9 in ports.  Otherwise, FreeBSD has a great
	selection of security programs as its default.  It may be
	that some admins go for the bleeding-edge ports.  --Anyway,
	I've added the openssl_base=yes to make.conf.  I've added
	"openssl" to the local/etc/pkgtools.conf to my "HOLD_PKGS"
	list.   ....


> Can anyone either refute any of the above guesses, or tell me why I  
> am a fool to go with the base  openssl rather than the port?
> Thanks!
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