FreeBSD Port: freesbie-0.0.20040207_1

Mikhail Paremski mparem at
Wed Sep 28 12:07:47 PDT 2005

I just install freesbie port and build/burnt ISO image. Then, when I 
tried to boot it, I've got:

Entropy harvesting: interrupts ethernet point_to_point kickstart.
Generating /tmp via md
Generating /var via md

Generating /etc via md

Generating /root via md
Starting file system checks:
cd9660: acd0: No such file or directory
Mounting root filesystem rw failed, startup aborted
Boot interrupted
Enter full pathname of shell or RETURN for /bin/sh:

It looks like FreeSBIE startup script tries to mount cdrom root 
filesystem in read/write mode, where as original FreeSBIE CD has root 
filesystem on md device.
Could you please to give any idea what was wrong.


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