port register/unregister hogs up resources and takes forever

Mikhail Teterin mi at corbulon.video-collage.com
Wed Sep 28 06:02:41 PDT 2005

> > You, probably, have a circular dependency -- a bad idea in general.
> > In particular, the current bsd.port.mk will choke on such a thing...
> > Do you have both WITH_ESD (esound) and WITH_ARTS set, for example?

> > Anyway, to help track it down, try the attached patch for
> > bsd.port.mk and watch for patterns while "make install" or "make
> > package" are running
> I applied the patch and tried a make install in
> /usr/ports/net/ymessenger. Still takes a lot of time to register the
> package while looking for dependencies. see attach (each line takes
> about 10-20 seconds)

The patch I sent you was not supposed to fix anything, just help
diagnose a problem. You said earlier, that sometimes an install never
completes -- or am I mistaken?

The diagnostics I inserted will help understand a never completing
install. This patch will not speed anything up. Can you try installing a
port, that failed to install before?


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