Current unassigned ports problem reports

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Mon Sep 26 04:00:44 PDT 2005

Current FreeBSD problem reports

The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

Bugs can be in one of several states:

o - open
     A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.

a - analyzed
     The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.

f - feedback
     Further work requires additional information from the
     originator or the community - possibly confirmation of
     the effectiveness of a proposed solution.

p - patched
     A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or
     confirmation from originator) are still open.

s - suspended
     The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information
     or resources.  This is a prime candidate
     for somebody who is looking for a project to do.
     If the problem cannot be solved at all,
     it will be closed, rather than suspended.

c - closed
     A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated,
     documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned.

Critical problems
Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
s [2002/04/07] ports/36846 ports-bugs  fxtv 1.03 freezes the system when $LANG=d
s [2003/05/11] ports/52079 ports-bugs  vmware3 hangs when nmdm(4) is used as COM
s [2003/08/08] ports/55371 ports-bugs  xfig dumps core (unaligned access), if US
f [2004/11/09] ports/73745 ports-bugs  ports/databases/gnats4: gnatsd receives s
s [2004/12/08] ports/74857 ports-bugs  clamav socket problem
o [2005/05/01] ports/80514 ports-bugs  emulators/vmware3: vmmon_smp.ko does not 
o [2005/05/29] ports/81631 ports-bugs  new port: german/tvbrowser
f [2005/06/21] ports/82498 ports-bugs  xemacs spews 'X Error of failed..." whene
o [2005/07/01] ports/82856 ports-bugs  vmware3 port fails to compile on FreeBSD 
o [2005/07/30] ports/84358 ports-bugs  net/edonkey-gui-gtk: fix plist, add updat
o [2005/08/03] ports/84531 ports-bugs  sysutils/i855vidctl10 and sysutils/915res
f [2005/08/22] ports/85200 ports-bugs  mail/postfix: db write part of /etc/spwd.
f [2005/09/06] ports/85779 ports-bugs  fmsx 3.0  is unstable (reboting, freezing
o [2005/09/19] ports/86318 ports-bugs  graphics/xfig 3.2.4_1 takes over cpu afte
o [2005/09/20] ports/86365 ports-bugs  port audio/vsound vsound.c fix to prevent
o [2005/09/23] ports/86500 ports-bugs  dns/ldapdns is broken (won't compile)
o [2005/09/25] ports/86565 ports-bugs  Chicken $(includedir) its not on the BASE
o [2005/09/25] ports/86567 ports-bugs  lighttpd rcng script broken
o [2005/09/26] ports/86579 ports-bugs  [fix] multimedia/fxtv: Segmentation fault

19 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
s [2002/05/13] ports/38034 ports-bugs  compaq-cc (under linux-emu) installes man
s [2002/10/07] ports/43771 ports-bugs  LaTeX ports mixed between print and textp
o [2003/05/12] ports/52106 ports-bugs  New port: java/javaws: Java Web Start 1.2
s [2003/10/02] ports/57502 ports-bugs  ports that define USE_* too late
s [2003/11/13] ports/59254 ports-bugs  ports that write something after bsd.port
s [2004/01/17] ports/61471 ports-bugs  Suggested mini-patch to ports/graphics/sa
s [2004/05/25] ports/67192 ports-bugs  mod_perl-related regressions in the newes
s [2004/06/11] ports/67815 ports-bugs  graphics/ImageMagick no longer recognizes
s [2004/07/23] ports/69475 ports-bugs  xemacs invalidly calls xargs (witj unexis
o [2004/09/08] ports/71489 ports-bugs  [PATCH] www/slash: initial support for mo
o [2004/09/29] ports/72170 ports-bugs  [PATCH] www/mozilla-bonobo - build also w
s [2004/10/21] ports/72956 ports-bugs  x11/dgs incorrectly marked as IGNORE
p [2005/01/11] ports/76116 ports-bugs  PORT UPDATE: graphics/lcms (with PATCH)
f [2005/01/13] ports/76227 ports-bugs  RLE support for graphics/fbm
o [2005/01/17] ports/76365 ports-bugs  NEW PORT net/xdb_auth_cpile A user auth/c
o [2005/02/02] ports/76986 ports-bugs  New port: print/pmx a pre-processor of Mu
s [2005/02/13] ports/77453 ports-bugs  [request] new port: print/ghostpcl
o [2005/02/14] ports/77471 ports-bugs  New port: Device driver for Voicetronix O
o [2005/02/16] ports/77584 ports-bugs  New ports: games/sear, games/sear-media. 
o [2005/02/24] ports/78012 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] net/abills: Billing system fro
o [2005/03/14] ports/78830 ports-bugs  New port: print/latex-auto-greek Auto-swi
o [2005/03/15] ports/78898 ports-bugs  new ports chinese/lumaqq: General QQ-like
o [2005/03/19] ports/79021 ports-bugs  New port: linux_base-fedora
o [2005/03/20] ports/79049 ports-bugs  New port net-mgmt/netdump-server:RedHat s
o [2005/03/25] ports/79235 ports-bugs  [maintainer update] sysutils/dtc: v0.17.0
o [2005/04/17] ports/80043 ports-bugs  New port: devel/metaEnv CWI MetaEnvironme
s [2005/04/22] ports/80254 ports-bugs  update net/poptop and rename to net/pptpd
o [2005/04/22] ports/80255 ports-bugs  New Port : print/lpr-wrapper A user level
f [2005/04/23] ports/80274 ports-bugs  GDB console problem (ddd-3.3.10 with Free
o [2005/04/26] ports/80352 ports-bugs  New port: security/webfwlog Web-based fir
f [2005/05/01] ports/80515 ports-bugs  emulators/vmware3: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/vm
o [2005/05/04] ports/80629 ports-bugs  tuxracer segfaults on amd64
o [2005/05/05] ports/80639 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] www/gwee: Tool to exploit comm
o [2005/05/17] ports/81153 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] chinese/DFSongSd: Chinese (HKS
o [2005/06/06] ports/81933 ports-bugs  update ports: japanese/wikicker
f [2005/06/13] ports/82200 ports-bugs  [PATCH] sysutils/gkrelltop: gkrelltopd en
o [2005/06/14] ports/82218 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] japanese/guesswork: A PHP ligh
s [2005/06/16] ports/82310 ports-bugs  [new port] request: sysutils/initng
o [2005/06/19] ports/82427 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] security/amavisd-milter: Milte
o [2005/06/21] ports/82501 ports-bugs  New port: www/referrercop Filters referre
o [2005/06/22] ports/82507 ports-bugs  [new port] www/quixote-session2: quixote 
o [2005/06/23] ports/82574 ports-bugs  New port: print/php4-cpdf cpdf support fo
o [2005/06/23] ports/82575 ports-bugs  New port: print/php5-cpdf cpdf support fo
f [2005/06/24] ports/82618 ports-bugs  multimedia/xmms uses 32bit int for ioctl 
o [2005/06/25] ports/82640 ports-bugs  New port: lang/fpc2
o [2005/06/28] ports/82726 ports-bugs  New port: databases/sqlplus Oracle SQL*Pl
o [2005/06/30] ports/82821 ports-bugs  New port: graphics/py-gdchart2: python li
o [2005/07/03] ports/82950 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] devel/subversion-ruby: Subvers
o [2005/07/07] ports/83115 ports-bugs  New port: games/exhaust - Redcode simulat
o [2005/07/07] ports/83116 ports-bugs  New port: games/exhaust-ma - Redcode simu
o [2005/07/08] ports/83120 ports-bugs  New port: games/exhaust-doc - Redcode sim
f [2005/07/08] ports/83135 ports-bugs  sysutils/smartmontools -- Does not work w
f [2005/07/14] ports/83481 ports-bugs  New port: sysutils/graphicboot
s [2005/07/16] ports/83546 ports-bugs  ftp/emirror port seems broken on 4.x
o [2005/07/19] ports/83707 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] math/p5-Statistics-R: Controls
o [2005/07/21] ports/83838 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] print/latex-circ: A LaTeX pack
o [2005/07/22] ports/83894 ports-bugs  Update port: devel/simpletest
o [2005/07/22] ports/83912 ports-bugs  New Port: sysutils/psgconf modular system
o [2005/07/23] ports/83950 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] mail/squirrelmail-change_ldap-
o [2005/07/24] ports/83986 ports-bugs  New port www/p5-Apache2-DebugFilter
o [2005/07/24] ports/83987 ports-bugs  New port www/p5-Apache2-Filter-HTTPHeader
f [2005/07/26] ports/84140 ports-bugs  www/flashplugin-mozilla causes www/firefo
f [2005/07/28] ports/84197 ports-bugs  games/quake2forge cannot be built without
f [2005/07/29] ports/84280 ports-bugs  [PATCH] net/tintin++-devel: update to 1.9
o [2005/07/29] ports/84319 ports-bugs  New port print/cups-magicolor.
o [2005/07/29] ports/84323 ports-bugs  linuxfdisk port builds, installs and work
o [2005/07/30] ports/84329 ports-bugs  New port: x11-fonts/proggy_fonts a monosp
o [2005/07/30] ports/84340 ports-bugs  Request port update: /devel/fnccheck 1.2 
o [2005/07/30] ports/84342 ports-bugs  New port: security/klamav
o [2005/07/31] ports/84369 ports-bugs  update x11-toolkits/iwidgets
f [2005/07/31] ports/84376 ports-bugs  [Update Port] x11-themes/kde-style-comix
o [2005/08/01] ports/84462 ports-bugs  New Port: audio/id3mtag Commandline masst
o [2005/08/02] ports/84501 ports-bugs  update lang/oo2c
o [2005/08/03] ports/84530 ports-bugs  [New Port] net-mgmt/ourmon: Network Monit
o [2005/08/04] ports/84561 ports-bugs  [new port] audio/xmms2
o [2005/08/06] ports/84609 ports-bugs  [PATCH] games/rtcw: Unbreak PLIST
o [2005/08/06] ports/84614 ports-bugs  New port: java/eclipse-javasvn
o [2005/08/06] ports/84617 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] www/p5-WWW-Mixi: "Perl module 
o [2005/08/06] ports/84625 ports-bugs  New port: lang/twelf A meta-logical frame
o [2005/08/07] ports/84651 ports-bugs  comms/java-commapi-freebsd lacks support 
o [2005/08/07] ports/84655 ports-bugs  [New port] sysutils/raincoat
o [2005/08/09] ports/84694 ports-bugs  [PATCH] textproc/skim: s/bash/sh/g and co
o [2005/08/09] ports/84711 ports-bugs  rcNG script for net-mgmt/arpwatch
o [2005/08/09] ports/84723 ports-bugs  [UPDATE] chinese/auto-tw-l10n: upgrade to
f [2005/08/10] ports/84741 ports-bugs  Make ports/cad/tkgate use Tcl/Tk 8.4
o [2005/08/10] ports/84775 ports-bugs  new port: databases/kmysqladmin
o [2005/08/13] ports/84869 ports-bugs  New port: textproc/regex-coach
o [2005/08/13] ports/84876 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] print/acroread7-esp: The Acrob
o [2005/08/13] ports/84880 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] print/acroread7-nld: The Acrob
o [2005/08/13] ports/84881 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] print/acroread7-dan: The Acrob
o [2005/08/13] ports/84882 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] print/acroread7-nor: The Acrob
o [2005/08/13] ports/84883 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] french/acroread7-fra: The Acro
o [2005/08/13] ports/84884 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] german/acroread7-deu: The Acro
o [2005/08/13] ports/84886 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] japanese/acroread7-jpn: The Ac
o [2005/08/13] ports/84887 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] chinese/acroread7-cht: The Acr
o [2005/08/13] ports/84888 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] chinese/acroread7-chs: The Acr
o [2005/08/13] ports/84889 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] print/acroread7-ita: The Acrob
o [2005/08/13] ports/84890 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] korean/acroread7-kor: The Acro
o [2005/08/13] ports/84891 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] print/acroread7-ptb: The Acrob
o [2005/08/13] ports/84892 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] print/acroread7-sve: The Acrob
o [2005/08/13] ports/84893 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] print/acroread7-suo: The Acrob
s [2005/08/14] ports/84921 ports-bugs  [UPDATE] games/fargoal: update port and a
o [2005/08/14] ports/84923 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/annelid - Remake of the 
o [2005/08/14] ports/84925 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/galaxyhack - AI script b
o [2005/08/14] ports/84929 ports-bugs  irc/bitlbee: Add WITH_MSN6_FEATURES flag 
o [2005/08/16] ports/84975 ports-bugs  New Port: devel/uppaal
o [2005/08/17] ports/85031 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] net/astfax
f [2005/08/17] ports/85033 ports-bugs  update port net/pptpclient to new release
o [2005/08/18] ports/85084 ports-bugs  Update and Unbreak port: japanese/oleo
o [2005/08/20] ports/85140 ports-bugs  [PATCH] japanese/eb: New version 4.2.1 re
o [2005/08/20] ports/85146 ports-bugs  [Maintainer Update] emulators/e-uae to 0.
o [2005/08/20] ports/85157 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/excido - A portable fast
o [2005/08/21] ports/85191 ports-bugs  [PATCH] misc/linux-opengroupware
f [2005/08/22] ports/85211 ports-bugs  [PATCH] xmlada patch to avoid interaction
o [2005/08/24] ports/85270 ports-bugs  [UPDATE] games/cube: add wrapper script t
o [2005/08/26] ports/85325 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/darkplaces - Quake engin
o [2005/08/26] ports/85327 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/gngeo - NeoGeo emulator
o [2005/08/27] ports/85354 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/darkplacesmod - Quake 1 
o [2005/08/29] ports/85429 ports-bugs  New port: games/quake3 Quake III Arena --
o [2005/08/31] ports/85545 ports-bugs  [new port] x11-themes/qt-polymer-theme
o [2005/09/04] ports/85718 ports-bugs  Update Digikam, Digikamimageplugins to 0.
f [2005/09/09] ports/85926 ports-bugs  Zope products installed through ports not
o [2005/09/11] ports/85985 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] mail/couriergraph: A RRDtool f
o [2005/09/14] ports/86098 ports-bugs  [PATCH] devel/pear-PEAR/Makefile.common: 
o [2005/09/15] ports/86166 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/quake-data - Quake data 
o [2005/09/15] ports/86167 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/quake-source - Quake and
o [2005/09/15] ports/86174 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/quake-reaper - Quake 1 b
f [2005/09/15] ports/86175 ports-bugs  [UPDATE] games/quakeforge: minor changes,
f [2005/09/15] ports/86176 ports-bugs  [UPDATE] games/tenebrae: integrate with "
o [2005/09/16] ports/86213 ports-bugs  new port: net/ruby-zoom
o [2005/09/16] ports/86227 ports-bugs  [UPDATE] games/linux-q3ademo: clean-up, m
o [2005/09/18] ports/86313 ports-bugs  New port:A platforms game similar to Mani
f [2005/09/19] ports/86337 ports-bugs  updated version of emulators/extract-xiso
o [2005/09/20] ports/86357 ports-bugs  Modify port: www/skytemplate
f [2005/09/20] ports/86358 ports-bugs  update www/py-beautifulsoup to 2.1.1
o [2005/09/20] ports/86369 ports-bugs  Update freevo port to version 1.5.3
o [2005/09/20] ports/86370 ports-bugs  Populate orphaned lisp category
o [2005/09/21] ports/86394 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] graphics/crystalspace: Crystal
o [2005/09/21] ports/86396 ports-bugs  [update] www/w3-4: unbroken
o [2005/09/21] ports/86401 ports-bugs  new ports multimedia/zapping
o [2005/09/21] ports/86425 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] irc/iRCG: Gateway betwean IRC 
o [2005/09/22] ports/86441 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/doom-hacx - A full TC us
o [2005/09/22] ports/86442 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/doom-hr - Hell Revealed 
o [2005/09/22] ports/86443 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/doom-hr2 - Hell Revealed
o [2005/09/22] ports/86444 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] games/doom-wolfendoom - Wolfen
o [2005/09/22] ports/86461 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] textproc/sdcv: A text-based ut
o [2005/09/22] ports/86462 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] chinese/sdcv-dict-zh_TW: Engli
o [2005/09/22] ports/86475 ports-bugs  New Ports: devel/sfslite-noopt and devel/
o [2005/09/22] ports/86477 ports-bugs  Update: net/mldonkey
f [2005/09/23] ports/86481 ports-bugs  [PATCH] www/awstats: Respect user's PREFI
f [2005/09/23] ports/86499 ports-bugs  [port update] net/verlihub
o [2005/09/23] ports/86510 ports-bugs  [PATCH] security/clamav libunrar support
o [2005/09/23] ports/86512 ports-bugs  [new port] lang/gcc401
o [2005/09/24] ports/86517 ports-bugs  mail/courier: Port Update of Courier 0.52
o [2005/09/24] ports/86526 ports-bugs  [Maintainer Update] fix unfetchable file 
o [2005/09/24] ports/86533 ports-bugs  [Maintainer Update] emulators/xmess, sync
o [2005/09/24] ports/86534 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] audio/xmmsctrl: a small utilit
o [2005/09/25] ports/86539 ports-bugs  [PATCH] textproc/ruby18-htmltools: failed
o [2005/09/25] ports/86544 ports-bugs  java/forte: Forte 3.0 no longer available
o [2005/09/25] ports/86546 ports-bugs  java/bugseeker 1.0.2 no longer available
o [2005/09/25] ports/86553 ports-bugs  new port: audio/mpck - A command-line uti
o [2005/09/25] ports/86555 ports-bugs  new port: security/tthsum - A command-lin
o [2005/09/25] ports/86559 ports-bugs  [UPDATE] www/dokuwiki: upgrade to 2005092
o [2005/09/25] ports/86561 ports-bugs  new port: graphics/recoverjpeg - Recoverj
o [2005/09/25] pending/86568ports-bugs  Port update: www/geneweb Advanced genealo
f [2005/09/26] ports/86571 ports-bugs  Update port: games/freeciv to 2.0.5
o [2005/09/26] ports/86577 ports-bugs  [update] sysutils/krename to 3.0.8
o [2005/09/26] ports/86580 ports-bugs  [new] databases/php5-oci8: Oracle OCI8 sh
o [2005/09/26] ports/86582 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER] irc/ircservices up to 5.0.55
o [2005/09/26] ports/86584 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER-UPDATE] devel/libnotify: proj
o [2005/09/26] ports/86585 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER-UPDATE] deskutils/notificatio
o [2005/09/26] ports/86586 ports-bugs  sysutils/topless: update to 1.49
o [2005/09/26] ports/86589 ports-bugs  [update] security/botan to 1.4.7

173 problems total.

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