FreeBSD Port: fvwm-2.4.19

Adam ash1485 at
Fri Sep 23 14:30:27 PDT 2005

I am trying to install fvwm-2.4.19 on my FreeBSD 5.4 release machine and I can not seem to get all the packages. I downloaded it through ftp it from the ports collection off the FreeBSD site and when I use the "pkg_add fvwm-2.4.19.tbz" command it thinks for second and then it says "pkg_add: could not find package m4-1.4.3!" I got the same result for both the 5 stable tree and the 5.4 release tree. I thought that if I downloaded the fvwm-2.4.19.tbz file it contained all the packages I needed to install fvwm-2.4.19.tbz. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any help you can give!

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